Privacy Notice

Effective Date: March 31, 2023

UPS Capital Corporation, its subsidiaries, UPS Capital Versicherungsvermittlung GmbH, its branches, UPS Capital Insurance Agency Limited, ‌and UPSC (Thailand) Ltd. (each, a “UPS Capital Company” and collectively, the “UPS Capital Companies”) are affiliates of UPS. The UPS Capital Companies observe the UPS Privacy Notice, except as follows: (a) the first paragraph of the section entitled “Information We Obtain” shall be modified to read as follows: “We may obtain consumer personal information (such as name, contact details and payment information) in connection with various activities such as (i) use of the UPS websites and applications, (ii) shipping activities, including delivery and pickup of shipments, (iii) requests to track shipments or answer questions, (iv) events in which we participate, (v) promotions and other offers, and (vi) calls placed with customer service and accounting centers which may be recorded, and (vii) providing shipper’s agent, claims administration, claims adjustment, financial and insurance services, as applicable”; (b) The ninth bullet of the section entitled “Information We Obtain” shall be modified to read as follows: “Payment, financing and insurance information (including payment card details or online payment services number and invoicing address) and financial information (such as bank account numbers, personal financial statements, tax returns and credit reports)”; (c) the second bullet point of the section entitled “How We Use The Information We Obtain” shall be modified to read as follows: “Provide products and services you request (such as logistics, supply chain management, customs clearance and brokerage services, and shipper’s agent, claims administration, claims adjustment, financial and insurance services, as applicable)”; and (c) the second paragraph of the section entitled “Information We Share” shall be modified to read as follows: “We also may share the personal information we obtain with our affiliates, franchisees, resellers, and joint marketing partners and with claims administrators, claims adjusters, credit reporting agencies, insurers, guarantors, credit enhancement providers (including sureties, indemnitors, and export credit agencies) and their respective agents with which we do business.

These entities, which collectively are referred to here as the “UPS Business Partners,” may use the information for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. We may share physical location data with our UPS Business Partners and other third parties to, for example, enhance location-based services and develop accurate and up-to-date maps. In addition, except as described below, unless you object, we may share other personal information with third parties who are not UPS Business Partners for those parties’ own purposes, such as to offer products or services that may interest you.” The UPS Privacy Notice contains a description of practices regarding the treatment of personal information that is common to all UPS companies and business units adhering to the UPS Privacy Notice in their handling of the personal information that UPS companies collect from consumers. Insurance services are not offered in all jurisdictions.

We further observe the “Additional Notice for California and Virginia Consumers” within the UPS Privacy Notice and all data rights requests mechanisms listed therein. As in the UPS Privacy Notice, all rights mechanisms including the Rights to Access, Correct, Delete, Opt-Out and Appeal may be requested by submitting a request through the UPS E-mail Application or calling 888-912-9055. Where we maintain or use de-identified information, we will continue to maintain and use the de-identified information only in a de-identified fashion and will not attempt to re-identify the information, except as permitted under applicable law.