Cargo ship in water at loading dock during sunset

Cargo Insurance

With cargo insurance, it’s easy to protect shipments and focus on what matters most – growing your business.


Choose the shipping insurance option that best meets your business needs.

Whole Turnover Cargo Insurance
Semi-truck at a loading dock with pallets of packages on the dock

Protect your supply chain with end-to-end coverage.

  • Cover all carriers and modes of transportation including parcel, road, ocean and air freight.
  • Insure domestic and international goods including prepaid, freight collect and third-party billed shipments.
  • Craft a policy that is unique for your business.

Transactional Cargo Coverage

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Select what shipments to cover.

  • Protect a single shipment regardless of carrier or mode.
  • Determine what you want insured and transactionally choose coverage on a more regular basis.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to pay as you go and chose what needs to be covered.