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06-22-2022 • 1 min read
All-risk cargo insurance helps Zenith Aviation, Inc. soar

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Aviation parts and components can be tricky to ship, especially when they’re sent to remote parts of the world.

Whenever Fredericksburg, Virginia-based Zenith Aviation, Inc., a 35-year-old provider of hard-to-find aviation components, had a shipping issue, getting claims resolved was a nightmare.

The Challenge
Time-consuming shipping claims processes that paid only pennies on the dollar

Zenith relied on their carrier’s declared value coverage to protect their shipments, yet all too often the shipping partners they counted on weren’t making things right.

“We don’t have a large staff, and our people were constantly putting their regular duties aside to handle claims,” said Angela Shawaryn, president of Zenith Aviation.

The Solution
An all-risk cargo insurance policy protects shipments

The executive team at Zenith discovered the benefits of an all-risk cargo insurance policy from UPS Capital®, which protects their shipments up to the full invoice value of the goods. The one cargo policy covers their shipments for any carrier.

“We found a smarter, easier way to mitigate risk in our supply chain through UPS Capital. Claims were far easier to make and, as a rule, they were paid promptly,” said Angela.

The Result
Resolving shipping claims issues makes room to pursue even bigger deals

With shipping claims issues resolved, Zenith pursued and was awarded a new government contract that involved working with companies in remote parts of the world. UPS Capital was able to provide the trade credit insurance policy that they needed for this work.

“Fortunately, the same company that solved our claims problems made credit insurance easy, too,” said Angela.
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