The following articles showcase our expertise in global supply chain finance and the mitigation of trade and transportation risk.

UPS Capital: Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain E-Book

The white paper entitled, Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain, now has an E-book! The E-book provides an in-depth overview of the white paper’s key points, along with captivating infographics, statics, and data on mitigating risk in your global supply chain. Clink on the link below and start learning about the things you can do to help protect and grow your business by engaging in smarter trade!

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The following white paper is a collaboration between The University of Tennessee and UPS Capital designed to further the understanding of the risks within supply chains. Although the paper details many of the problems that threaten global supply chains, it offers unique insights on how to mitigate risk, and how companies around the world can engage in smarter trade! Read this article.
The following article showcases how great solutions come together for customers via UPS and UPS Capital when logistics and risk mitigation meet. Texas Precious Metals uses UPS Proactive Response™ Secure to ease anxieties when sending high value shipments. Entrusted with large sums of customer money, Texas Precious Metals was seeking a way to reduce risk and reassure customers.  It wanted a service that would reduce liabilities and provide customers with true peace of mind. Read this article.
Accuratime: Keeping a Watchful Eye on Watch Shipments
Accuratime, an international watch seller and manufacturer for over 35 years, found that UPS Capital Jeweler’s Elite Program™ was a great way to keep a watchful eye on their high value shipments. Using the this program, Accuratime accomplishes many things in record time including: protecting their shipments, increasing efficiency, and improving cost effectiveness. Read this article.
4moms Improves Cash Flow Through UPS Capital Cargo Finance®
4moms needed a short-term cash flow solution along with some new answers to its expanding logistics. Fortunately, the company found UPS Capital Cargo Finance along with numerous complementary UPS solutions. Read this article.
UPS Capital Helps World Centric Increase Inventory and Customer Base
With the help of UPS Capital's financing solution and UPS's logistics capabilities, World Centric has been able to purchase more inventory, streamline its supply chain, and expand its customer base. Read this article.
Two Star Dog Uses UPS Capital Cargo Finance® to Support New Direction
Two Star Dog considers us a partner in their business because we provide the right solutions that support and enhance their growth. Read this article.
Just Cellular Accelerates Payments Through UPS Capital Cargo Finance®
UPS Capital financing along with UPS logistics has enabled Just Cellular to increase their cash flow and inventory which is key to their growth. Read this article.
UPS Capital Cargo Finance® Cultivates Growth with Hydroponics Distributor
UPS Capital's in-transit financing provided Amerinada with a solution that addressed their cash flow needs. Read this article.
Stand Out in the Crowd
By Nancy Halwig   |  March 3, 2011   |   Secured Lender
Strategies for moving inventory at the right time, to the right place, and the right partner. Read this article.
C.O.D.: A Classic And Still Very Viable Payment Option
By Mike Bryant   |   February 9, 2011   |   Parcel
Read about a classic payment solution for businesses that makes it easier to get paid on-time. Read this article.
Wringing Cost Out of the Supply Chain
By Gary Carleton  |  February 2, 2011
Strategies for moving inventory at the right time, to the right place, and the right partner. Read this article.

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