BikeFlights Gives UPS Capital API’s an A-Plus

06-22-2022 • 1 min read
InsureShield® Connect simplifies shipping claims process, saving time and money

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Since its start in 2009, BikeFlights has helped over 1 million customers ship their bikes, wheels and gear. BikeFlights Founder and President, William “Bill” Alcorn, said that providing shipment visibility, shipping insurance and a top-notch customer experience are essential to the company’s success as a market-leading bicycle shipping service.

“So much can go wrong with something so fragile and lightweight. It takes care and a white-glove service all the way through to meet customer expectations,” said Bill.

The Challenge
An ineffective, labor-intensive and manual shipping claims process

When working with other shipping insurance providers, the BikeFlights team spent hundreds of hours processing claims with manual, paper-intensive processes. They struggled with claim denials and often had to front claims payments to retain customers.

The Solution
InsureShield® Connect API suite made the process turnkey

UPS Capital presented BikeFlights with a policy that offered more robust coverage and a seamless, easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate API suite. Plugging into BikeFlights’ existing tech stack in under 30 days, Bill said, “It was one of the smoothest integrations we had among any of the APIs we use.”

The APIs eliminated unnecessary paperwork and sped up the claims and payment process.

The Result
Increase in claims approval rates and customer satisfaction, with automation saving significant time

BikeFlights now saves up to 40 hours a week with the InsureShield® Connect service. The company has seen an increase in its claims approval rate and a notable uptick in more positive customer reviews about the claims experience, helping the company to better protect its bottom line.

“The power of UPS Capital’s name, their mission and quality of coverage give customers peace of mind that they are protected,” said Bill.
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