Parcel Pro®Select

Get peace of mind with Parcel Pro® Select insured shipping.

Manage the Risks of Moving Luxury Goods Globally

From disguised tracking to white-glove service, your valuables can travel safely across the world.

Safe and Smart Insured

Safe shipping methods help reduce risk with features that win your customer’s trust.

  • Minimize fraud and other losses with intelligent shipping and tracking technology.
  • Decrease delivery delays, risks and worries with package monitoring and carrier notifications.
  • Secure pickup and delivery in major jewellery markets1 give you extra protection.
  • Insured transportation for up to $200,000 USD to and from selected countries and territories with pre-approval.

Easy-to-Use Business Tools

Shipping is made simple with Parcel Pro Select.

Shipping labels and insured values can be created right from the platform.

Common harmonized codes and international document processing help you export with ease.

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White-glove Support

Proactive monitoring helps keep your shipments safe and ensures you’re always in the loop.

  • Regular communication keeps you informed of missed shipment milestones.
  • Shipping supplies provided to your business to keep your operations moving.
  • Dedicated security experts work with shipping carriers to assist with package recovery.
  • Our skilled associates help you navigate the shipping and claims process.

Additional Resources

Jewellers Block

Layer your risk with a block policy and insured shipping.

Get Packaging

Prepare your shipments to reduce the risk of loss and damage.

1 Available in major U.S. jewellery districts including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. Speak to a representative for more details.