Enhanced C.O.D.

Expedite payments, protect your cash flow and manage customer check deposits with enhanced C.O.D. payment options.

C.O.D. Secure®

Receive C.O.D. payments in approximately 2-3 days from the delivery date and get guaranteed payments up to a pre-determined limit.

C.O.D. Automatic®

Receive C.O.D. payments in approximately 2-3 days from the delivery date.

C.O.D. Direct®

Receive C.O.D. payments in approximately 6 days from the delivery date.


Eliminate Manual Check Deposits

Reduce risks and bank fees associated with the manual handling of checks with automatic daily deposit of funds to the bank of your choice. Plus, get email notifications when there are new C.O.D. checks awaiting deposit.

Better Manage Cash Flow

Secure web access to view check images, manage deposits and download remittance data to simplify record keeping.

Receive Timely Information

Daily, electronic delivery of reports provides advance notice of scheduled deposits and returned items. If there is a returned payment, you have the option for automatic second presentation of dishonored checks.

C.O.D. Direct® Enrollment Form

Get your C.O.D. funds faster by having your checks directly deposited in approximately 6 business days after your UPS C.O.D. packages are delivered.

C.O.D. Automatic® and C.O.D. Secure® Login

View your UPS C.O.D. remittance statements and check copies. Quickly download them in multiple formats for simplified invoice reconciliation.

C.O.D. Delayed Deposit Website

Log in with your My UPS.com® ID to select the dates you want customers’ checks deposited.