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Enhanced Carrier Protection

Get added protection for your UPS® shipments.


Protect Your Shipments with UPS® Customized Declared Value

Help address potential risks by protecting your cash flow and reputation from the unique challenges that come with transporting valuable goods.


Get claim payment up to sales value of the goods.


Get a customized rate based on your unique risk evaluation.

No Up-front Costs or Deposits

Choose which shipments to protect at the time of shipping, enter their declared value, then pay as you go.

Peace of Mind

Protect lost or damaged shipments up to your selling price.

Ease of Use

Use your current UPS® -approved shipping software and declare values as you ship.

Simplified Billing

See charges on your regular UPS® invoice and pay one invoice.

Here’s How It Works

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    1. Work with a representative to discuss your products, supply chain and the best protection option for your business.

    2. Use your UPS® -approved software to choose which shipments to protect, and how much value to declare, up to $50,000 USD per package. There are no upfront costs or deposits.

    3. Simply pay as you go. Your charges will be included in your regular UPS® invoice.

Choose the Best Protection for Your Business