Streamline Your Imports

A continuous Customs bond covers all your entries for the year.
What’s the story: If you import commercial goods into the U.S., you’re required to post financial security unless your import Customs declarations fall under De Minimis, or informal entry provisions. You can always post cash, but the preferred security is a Customs bond, which guarantees U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will receive payment of duties and fees and the importer will comply with Customs regulations.

Your options: You have some options depending on your import and business needs.

Single Entry Bond (SEB) is used when you only import a few shipments in a year. Here are the facts:

  • Only covers a one-time shipment.
  • Remains open with U.S. CBP until the entry has liquidated.
  • Importers are charged an SEB fee on each brokerage invoice based on the value of their shipment, plus duty, taxes and fees.
  • Exceeding the aggregate SEB limit may result in shipments being held while additional information is requested from the importer for the surety’s underwriting approval.

Continuous Transaction Bond (CTB) is ideal when you import more than a few shipments in a year.

  • Covers all entries for a 12-month period (from date of issue).
  • One annual fee for the bond.
  • Enables U.S. CBP to receive payment of duties and fees.
  • Can reduce costs and delays.
  • Can expedite the clearance process for superior customer service.
Streamline Imports with Customs Bonds